Vernon Street Studios


Come for a visit and see my new work, sculpture, painting and jewelry.

Wednesday Evening Sculpture Class

We meet on Wednesdays and sculpt in a friendly supportive environment. It is a joy to see everyone’s creativity. This is an abstract sculpture by Peter Krosunger.

Sculptures by our class members

We meet once a week ro sculpt together. We have been lucky to have had great models to work from. Private and group classes are available at 6 Vernon Street Somerville, MA.
Abstract Ceramic Figure, by Steve
Abstract Ceramic Figure, by Steve
Abstract Ceramic Sculpture, by Peter
Abstract Ceramic Relief, by Peter
Abstract Ceramic Relief, by Peter

Multimedia works

This video shows a brief look at the work that I feature during festivals that I participate in.

Weekly Group Sculpture Class

It is amazing to see how everyone has a different take on the same pose. It is a pleasure to see creativity.
Winnie Stopps, Abstract Sculpture Figure
Winnie Stopps, Abstract Sculpture

Sculpture classes

Contact me about private or group classes in sculpture and ceramics.
Our ongoing group class meets weekly in a safe and supportive space in my studio at 6 Vernon Street, Somerville. Here are some works by members of the class:

Peter Krosunger, Abstract sculptures
Peter Krosunger, Abstract sculpture
Steve Covert, Abstract sculpture
Steve Covert, Abstract sculpture
Sholeh Regna Sculpture Class

Sculpture Class

Please join us on Wednesday evenings for this ongoing class at my studio, 6 Vernon Street Somerville. You can sign up by contacting me directly:

Open Studio

This year my spring open studio is on May 4-5, noon-6 pm. I will be featuring my newest sculptures, jewelry, and more. Plan to visit, 6 Vernon Street, third floor, Somerville.

Sculpting at Vernon Street Studios

Sholeh Regna Ivy Portrait

The sculpture class/group at 6 Vernon Street is happening every Wednesday evening, 6:30-9 pm, studio #35. We have a great model booked for several weeks.

The fee is $35 per evening paid in full at beginning of each session. You can bring your own clay, or buy it from me ($16 per 25 lb bag).

In addition to sculpting help, I provide cookies and music.

Let me know if you are coming because space is limited.

Sculpture Classes

Sholeh Regna Relief Sculpture
Relief Sculpture
The new series begin on Wednesday June 8th. You can register here for the on-going class in the evening, 6:30-9 PM, or arrange for private class during the day.

Spring Open Studio

My spring open studio is on May 3rd and 4th.This is the 40th year of Vernon Street Open Studios, the first of such events anywhere in New England. Come for a visit, check out my new work and take in over 100 other artists‘ work in my studio building alone. SOS this year will be on May 3-4, noon–6 PM. My studio is on the third floor at 6 Vernon Street, Somerville.


December 7 & 8 Open Studio Event

My Fall Open Studio is on December 7 & 8 from 12-6pm. Many artists at 6 and 20 Vernon Street will be participating in this event. My studio is on 6 Vernon street, third floor. There will be free parking in the lot behind the building. I will be featuring my latest creations in sculpture and jewelry. Hope to see you there.


A Portrait in ClayA Portrait in ClayReversible Marbled Birch Earrings