Portrait sculpture
Portrait sculpture
Portrait sculpture



My Sculptural Works fall in the following categories: Figurative, Abstract, Installations, and Interactive

Portrait Sculpture, Ceramic, Life-size
Sculpture, portrait commission, Plaster
Portrait Sculpture, Clay with Encaustic
Sculpture, Relief, Ceramic
Sculpture Installation, Unity Amoung Diversity, Mixed Media
Sculpture Installation, Science used for Genentic determination
Seated Figure, Patina on Ceramic
Portrait Sculpture, Ceramic, Life-sized
The Bone series, Sager-fired ceramic Sculpture
Interactive Sculpture, Mixed Media
Cramic Chickadees
The Bone series, Sager-fired ceramic Sculpture
Installation, Time River, Mixed Media
Sculpture, Coming and Goling, Mixed Media
Installationt Sculpture, Couple, Mixed Media
Sculpture, Portrait Study, Clay
Portrait Study, Clay
portrait Commission Sculpture, Bronze Patina on Plaster
Portrait Sculpture, Encaustic on Clay
Sculpture, Portraitf, Clay