I have always been interested in science, nature, and technology. My work is often biomophic, as I studied biology and have been drawing my inspiration from nature. I work in several media, including sculpture, encaustic, monotype, digital art, and jewelry.

I have been teaching sculpture and drawing in the Boston area since 1993.

"My daughter gave me some of your earrings for Christmas,
and I just wanted you to know I love them."
Maryann Macdonald, Comment Box, 1/3/2020

"I took your basic sculpture course at CCAE
during the January-March term of 2013. I quite enjoyed it,
and have since found myself wishing
that I'd continued exploring sculpture."
Kelsey Shields, 6/4/2014

"Just wanted to let you know your cardinal monotype
print is still on my parents wall.
Good luck and hope to see you next year!"
Brian Freer, 5/4/2014