I work in multimedia. My sculptural works fall in the following categories:
Figurative, Abstract, Installations, and Interactive

Some of my work can be viewed below.

Figurative Sculpture

I accept commissions: portrait sculpture in bronze, cold-cast bronze, hydrocal, and encaustic on plaster.

commissioned portrait, hydrocal life-sized figure, palster commissioned portrait, patina on plaster bas-relief, ceramic portrait, resin portrait, clay portrait, clay portrait, clay portrait, clay portrait, clay

Abstract Sculpture

My abstract work tends to be biomorphic. The series of bone like forms I created during a residency in Denmark, and the most recent work in cement, are similar in that they all look nature made.

untited untitled untitled Untitled, Cement


time river, mixed media installation heritage 1, mixed media installation

Interactive Sculpture

The piece entitled "Truth or Lie", is an interactive sculpture composed of two sets of forms, curvilinear and angular. The public interacts with the piece by determining which set of forms represent the truths, and which ones are lies. Then, using these elements, the participants create a "form statement" that could be a lie, a truth, or a mixture of both. I have been collecting recordings of their reasoning. This sculpture is about perception and consequence of truths and lies that we all encounter in our lives, as we navigate among them.

truths intercative sculpture