The original monotypes as well as their reproductions are available for purchase. You can view my portfolio and order cards on line, or over the phone.

I create my monotypes by starting with a blank plate made of gelatin. Using water-based inks, I paint my image on this plate. Next, I place an archival paper on the plate and apply pressure, which results in the image being transferred from the plate to the paper. The paper takes up virtually all the ink. These works of art are called prints because the image is transferred, not directly painted on to paper. Only one print of any quality is possible⎯thus, these monotypes are one-of a- kind, original works of art.

I also offer reproductions of my images in form of cards, magnets, and small-framed versions of them that have been augmented with words.

Bird imagery is the most recurrent theme in my gel-print monotypes. I see the birds as a symbol of freedom, transcending borders, fences, and boundaries, belonging to whatever place they happen to land.